Products Linear isolator

Oil and gas industry, communal services and various utility networks need high voltage disconnectors for energizing and deenergizing of electric circuit sections, as well as for grounding of disconnected sections via grounding conductors (if available) integrated with disconnectors.

PSS corporation performs industrial production of outdoor and rocker type line isolators, operating with electricity transmission lines with maximum working voltage of 12 kV, nominal current of 200, 400 and 630 А in temperature range from minus 60°С to plus 40°C, wind speed up to 40 m/s at no glaze and up to 15 m/s with glaze up to 20 mm thick.

Disconnectors can be mounted on a support horizontally or vertically.

The scope of supply includes brackets for mounting of disconnectors on a support horizontally or vertically, actuator unit with a bracket for mounting on support, “disconnector-actuator” connection rods for various installation heights.

Disconnectors are controlled via the actuator with vertical motion of handles. In working condition of disconnectors, control handles are covered with a lockable housing.

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