Rocker type line isolator

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Designed for (6)10 kV voltage for energizing and deenergizing of electric circuit sections, grounding of disconnected sections via grounding conductors (if available) integrated with disconnectors, and disconnection of transformer standby currents and charge currents of overhead and cable lines up to 1 A.


Sr. No.ParametersValue
1 Rated voltage (corresponding to the maximum operating voltage), kV 10(12)
2 Rated current, A 630 (400)
3 Rated short-time withstand current (short-time thermal current), kA 10
4 Maximum peak of rated short-time withstand current (short time electrodynamic current), kA 25
5 Flow time of rated short-time withstand current (short circuit time), sec.:
for main switch blades
for grounding conductors

6 Rated frequency, Hz 50

Overall dimensions

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