Lining Strip

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GOST 15.309, GOST 15.201, GOST 16962.1, GOST 16962.2,GOST 15150, GOST R 51164


  • - Protect insulated pipeline surface
  • - Ensure mechanical damage protection of polymeric pipelines without insulation coating and protection of insulation layer of steel pipelines during pulling via aqueous environments
  • - Used for installation of safety dielectric rings that are used for pulling of pipeline in operating condition via a shell (housing) in the process of construction of underground crossings of water obstacles, railroads or motorways, including directional "pipe-in-pipe" drilling projects.


No.Parameter descriptionParameter value
1 Material PVC UV 11\3 plastic compound
2 Dimensions, mm 30х60х1000*
3 Weight, kg 0.98±0.1
4 Service life, minimum, years 20
5 Using 1 time (not available for repair)

General view and overall dimensions are shown in Figure 1.

Fig. 1 – Lining board general view

L – unit length, mm

Fig. 2 – Lining board overall dimensions

Fig. 3 – Lining board overall dimensions (hollow)

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