Magnesium Anode

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One of the most effictive type of sacrificial corrosion protection is using magnesium anodes. Magnesium provides with maximum electric energy per unit anode weight, has minimum self-delution and maximum operation time with maximum rate in chain anode-pipeline.

The protection of steel constructions and electrically conductive medium, like steel pipelines and constructions what has the contact with corrosion medium (the ground) is the most effecint protrection type by magnesium anodes.

The anode consist of alloy based on magnesium with little bit lead, tin, manganese and other metal. It reduce the rate of their own corrosion of magnesium.

Magnesium anodes should installed in the mixture of salts (activator) for increase the efficiency of anodes imact. The activator reduces the anode polarizability, reduce current-spreading resistance and another reasons what are cause the formation of dense corrosion products on the surface of the tread casting.

Activator is a mixture of salts: Na2SO4; CaSO4; bentonite, etc.

PSS Corporation manufacture following magnesium anodes:

1) For underground pipeline protection with activator. Weight from 5 kg.


75% - Gypsum,
20% - Bentonite,
5% - Sodium Sulfate

Specific ready mix electric resistance, Ohm*m – 0,5-0,6
Specific desalinization electric resistance, Ohm*m up to 1,5

Chemical composition

Grade of alloyWeight fraction of main elements, %Weight fraction of impurities, % maximum
MP-1 base 5.0-7.0 2.0-4.0 0.02-0.5 0.001 0.004 0.003 0.04
MP-2 base 5.0-7.0 2.0-4.0 0.02 – 0.5 0.008 0.15 0.03 0.25

Dimensions and weight of anodes

Type of anodeDimensions, mmWeight, kg, minimum
5U Minimum 580 40+/-3 116+/-4 165+/-4 16
10U Minimum 700 50+/-3 144+/-4 200+/-5 30
20U Minimum 710 60+/-3 206+/-5 270+/-5 60

2) For the protection of pipelines located in soils of high corrosive responsibility in hazardous areas of stray currents, and in soils with corrosion damage of external surface of the pipe.

Compared to standard magnesium anodes , this anodes have following advantages:

  • a possibility to operate an extended anode in soils with high resistance (over 50 Ohm/m);
  • vaster protection field generated by one anode;
  • convenient installation (in a trench in parallel with the pipeline);
  • absence of counterparts in Russia;
  • convenient pouching and transportation.
Anode materialMP-1 or MP-2 magnesium alloys
1 Type 15-80, weight, kg 15±1.5
2 Type 12-80, weight, kg 12±1.5
3 Anode potential, V, maximum -1.6
4 Anodic dissolution rate, kg/A x year, minimum 6.5
5 Anode service life before replacement, years, minimum 15
6 Pipeline protection value, %, minimum 95

Belt magnesium anodes are recommended for use on pipelines laid in heavy duty soils in areas of hazardous stray current effects, in soils where corrosion damage of outer pipe surfaces is observed, as well as for corrosion protection of installations operated in sea water (for instance, corrosion protection of port pile foundations’ cyclic wetting area).

Steady state anode potential is more negative than that of the protected metal structure, amounting to -1.70-1.78 V compared to a copper-sulfate reference electrode. Working potential –1.50-1.75 V. Electrochemical capacity minimum 1.1 А*h/kg, rated electrochemical capacity in sea water 2.2 mA*h/kg, in fresh water 2.7 mA*h/kg.

This type f anodes have following advantages:

  • possibility to use for temporary cathodic protection of an installation;
  • possibility to use for corrosion protection of sea hydraulic structures and reservoirs;
  • vaster protection field generated by one protector;
  • convenient installation (in a trench in parallel with the pipeline);
  • absence of counterparts in Russia;
  • convenient pouching and transportation.
1 Alloy MP-1, MP-2
2 Belt core diameter, mm 3.43
3 Protection efficiency, %, minimum 50
4 Packing method coils on a tray
5 Cross-section area, mm 750х750
6 Belt length*, m 300
7 Weight, kg/m 0.33

4) Anodes for corrosion protection of steel reservoirs from corrosion caused by drainage water. Weight 20 kg

Parameter nameValue
1 Steady state potential in relation to a copper-sulphate reference electrode, V -1,4 to -1,6
2 Electrochemical capacity, А*h/kg 2330
3 Efficiency:
- for MP-1 alloy
- for MP-2 alloy


5)Ship anode for corrosion protection of underwater part of ballast tanks, compartments, cisterns, Kingston valves, ice boxes, and other units and equipment operated in sea water.

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