Elongated Anode

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GOST 15150-69


  • - generate a protective field of a required configuration, control the mode of protective current outflow, hence ensure uniform distribution of protective potential across the length and surface of the protected structure at the minimum required level while maintaining its insulation coating;
  • - ensure minimum resistance of anode circuit in soils with virtually any level of specific electric resistance;
  • - prevent generation of stray currents and screening effect of structures not included in the protection system;
  • - exclude (or minimize) screening effect of protective electric field in aqueous crossings, to mitigate impact on natural migration of fish (incl. breeding);
  • - ensure at least 80% efficiency of any protection systems.

General Description

The electrode is a linear cylindrical electrode containing of one or two sheaths made of electrically conductive elastomer, encasing a current conducting metal core located coaxially to its central line.

1– Copper conductor wire; 2 – Working casing consisting of an electrically conductive elastomer with specific volume resistance within 0.5-5.0 Ohm.m

Fig. 1 – Electrode working part design


No.Parameter descriptionValue
1 Rated specific anode current density, mA/m 20 – 250
2 Anode dissolution rate, kg/A × year ≤ 0.25
3 Current propagation constant, 1/m 10-2 – 10-4
4 Characteristic impedance, Ohm 0.1 – 2.5
5 Current conductor, Ssec, mm2 10(16,25,35)
6 Volume resistance of sheath material, Ohm×m 0.5...5.0
7 Rated factory length, m 600-1,200
8 Number of working sheaths, pcs. 1
9 Elasticity, %, minimum 20
10 Electrode diameter, mm 36±2
11 Cable outlet length, m 1 3.0
12 Cable outlet type Cu 1×10(16,25,35)
13 Weight, kg/m, maximum 1.35
14 Service life, years, minimum 30
15 Climatic version and category of location as per
GOST 15150-69
16 Electrodes retain their properties after storage at temperature within, °С -60…+60

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