Polymeric Anode

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GOST 15150


Trunk oil&gas pipeline, underground and above ground oil products, gas, or water storage tanks, underground cables, pile structures, housing strings, wells, system earthing for power transmission lines transmission lines and other metal structures in contact with ground or water, regardless of medium resistivity.

Chemical composition

Electricity conducting polymer compound with a guaranteed quality of chemical composition

Contact resistance

InsulationTransientSolid state load
min100 Mohm max 0.05 Ohm min 500 N

Grounding conductor rated operating anode current – 3.0 А.

Operating surface area – 24 dm2


The grounding conductor is an electrode equipped with cable outlet for connection to main feeder cable from cathodic protection station converter.

Sr. NoParameter descriptionParameter value
1 Maximum current load, A 5.0
2 Anodic dissolution rate, kg/A x year 0.01…0.06
3 Electrode overall dimensions:
- diameter, mm
- electrode length (height), mm, min.

4 Overall unit dimensions:
- length, mm, min.
- height, mm, min.
- width, mm, min.

5 Overall section dimensions:
- length, mm, min.
- height, mm, min.
- width, mm, min.

6 Electrodes per section, pcs 4
7 Cable outlets per unit: 1
8 Cable outlet type 1×6 mm2
9 Cable outlet length (from wellhead to instrumentation), m 3
10 Main cable type 1×35 mm2
11 Section weight, kg, max 80±2
12 Service life, years, min2 35

Length in mounting position is 6.7 м. Length of the anode grounding conductor in transportation position is maximum 3.4 m. Maximum allowed number of sections per well is 8.

Fig.1 – Appearance and overall dimensions

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