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GOST R 51164, GOST 9.602, GOST 15150


Electrochemical protection and control of corrosion status of underground metal structures


The unit is a triangular or square sectioned pipe stand with a terminal board. The unit is made of polymeric non-combustible material and has small weight in standard configuration.

Power and measurement clamps are manufactured from non-ferrous metal or steel with galvanic coating and ensure reliable connection of measurement and power cables.

No.Parameter descriptionParameter value
1 Unit height, mm 2500
2 Stand weight, kg, maximum,
- triangular section
- square section

3 Conductor cross section, mm2, maximum
– power
– measurement

4 Soil penetration level, mm 700
5 Ingress protection rating (GOST 14254-96) IP 44
6 Target service life, years 30
Note – Stand height may be increased based on the number of integrated channels, or upon customer request.

Available TP options:

  • - with terminal board.
  • - with integrated diode-resistor, protective tube and joint protection units connected to the control board.
  • - with external channels of diode-resistor, protective tube and joint protection units.
  • - with poster line indicator (optional).

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