Corrosion Indicator

General Information

Conductor indication unit detects corrosion hazard and efficiency of electrochemical protection against corrosion of steel underground structures caused by induced current without their opening.

The unit does not affect protection potential maintained by electrochemical protection devices in the protected structure.

The unit is a disposable item; its operation principle is based on its deterioration, hence the unit is not subject to recovery or repair.

The operating environment should be non-explosive, without current conductive dust or aggressive vapors and gases in concentrations damaging to metals and insulation.


The basic parameters are specified in Table:

No.Parameter descriptionParameter value
1 Dimensions, mm (without cable length) 83х36х15
2 Weight, g, (without cable) 40
3 Standard length of PVS cable 4 х 0.75, m1 2.5
4 Indicating conductors diameter, mm3 0.5; 1.0; 2.0
5 Connecting conductor core section, mm2 0.5 – 1.5
6 Service life, years, min2 10
1 Cable length and type can be changed at the Customer's request.
2 Service life of the item can decrease depending on the service life of the complementing cable.
3 Operating principle of the indication unit is based on corrosion decay of indicating conductors, therefore in highly aggressive soils the deterioration of conductors may occur before expiry of intended service life.

Operating conditions

Operating conditions:

  • Category - 5
  • Ambient temperature, ºС -40 to +55
  • Relative soil humidity at t = +35ºС, %, maximum 100

At the consumer’s request, the unit may be complemented with cable of ambient class “ХЛ” (Cold climate, +40ºС/-60ºС), location category “3” (indoors without environment control), which enables unit operation at soil surface temperature down to minus 70°С.

Cable outputs have following marking:

  1. Conductor diameter 2.0 mm
  2. Conductor diameter 1.0 mm
  3. Conductor diameter 0.5 mm
  4. to CIU-2 framework

Unit design

The unit is designed as a pack of indicating conductors. Its three conductors have following diameters: 0.5 mm; 1.0 mm; 2.0 mm. They are connected with a common plate 2.0 mm thick. Each conductor is connected to a check wire.

The unit casing ensures contact of active conductor surface with soil and protects the rear and lateral sides of conductors against corrosion.

The unit casing is made of plastic compound. General view is presented in fig. 3

Conductor indicators are made of 09G2S grade low alloy steel.

Fig.3 – General view

Installation procedure

The conductor indication unit is mounted on the surface of the protected steel underground structure so that the indicators remain above ground. It is fixed by the lugs located on the lateral side of the unit casing with a connection tie (in case of heat utilities protection, the indication unit is only installed on the return pipeline, (fig. 4).

The unit can be supplied mounted on the reference electrode casing (fig. 5).

In both installation options, conductors from the unit, from the pipeline and (in the second installation option) from the reference electrode are attached to the terminal block located in the fake well neck, in the measurement

Fig. 5 Diagram of indicators electric conductivity and measurement of protective (total or polarized) pipeline potential in case of the unit installation on a stationary reference electrode Reference Electrode


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