Bimetallic Reference Electrode


- Control of underground metal structures’ and mainline pipelines’ cathodic protection, as well as in the cathodic protection telemechanics and telecontrol systems.

- Measure of polarization potential by way of polarization current interruption.


Soil and long term operation in cathodic protection transducer control circuits working to ensure stabilization of the protected structure’s potential, high loads at great depth.


No.Parameter descriptionValue
1 Electrode potential in comparison to a copper-sulphate reference electrode, mV, maximum 350
2 Electrode intrinsic resistance, Ohm 0.6
3 Contact block resistance, maximum, Ohm 0.2
4 Resistance between the electrode and the potential sensor, MOhm 10
5 Sensor transition resistance in aqueous electrolyte, Ohm, maximum 200
6 Overall dimensions, mm 100 х 50 х 6
7 Working area, сm 200
8 Weight, g 120
9 Wire length, m 2.5*
10 Service life, minimum, years. 20
11 Ambient temperature, °С 0...40

Fig.1 – Electrode general view

Fig. 2 – Electrode mounting


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