Permanent Reference Electrode


Measure polarization potential and underground structure potential in reference to the electrode by way of establishment of an electrolytic contact with soil in circuits used to determine efficiency of corrosion protection of underground metal installations, and in automatic control and regulation systems of electrochemical protection units.

General Description

The electrode consists of an electrolytic chamber filled with electrolyte, and a bentonite chamber filled with bentonite mix, joined with a nut, copper core connected to the tip by a conductor, potential sensor, connected to tip by a conductor.

Electrode is supplied in bags with a stabilizing filler.


No.Parameter descriptionValue
1 Intrinsic electric resistance, maximum, kOhm 1.0
2 Potential in comparison to silver chloride electrode, mV 120±15
3 Volume of electrolyte to feed into the casing, ml 800
4 Cable outlet type Cable Cu/PVC 600/1000V 2х4 mm2
5 Cable outlet length, m 5
6 Full electrode weight, kg (with 5 m cable), maximum 4.0
7 Service life, years, min 25

1 – U-tip for electrode; 2 – О-tip for shielding film; 3 – potential sensor tip socket; 4 – jumper;

5 – potential sensor; 6 – electrode’s copper bar; 7 – electrode housing

Fig. 1 – Non-polarizable reference electrode

Fig. 3 – Possible positions of the electrode in soil


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