Portable Reference Electrode


Measure potential drop between underground structure protected by way of cathode polarization and the soil.

General Description

The electrode consists of an electrolytic chamber filled with blue copper, and a copper core connected to the tip by a cable outlet. In the bottom part of the electrolytic chamber there is a tip in shape of a plug with porous structure.


No.Parameter descriptionValue
1 Transient electric resistance, maximum, kOhm 10
2 Potential in comparison to silver chloride electrode, mV 120±15
3 Volume of electrolyte to feed into the casing, ml, maximum 260
4 Cable outlet type PVC 3*1.5
5 Cable outlet length, m 2
6 Electrode full weight, g, maximum 500
7 Service life, years, minimum 3
1 – electrolytic chamber casing, 2 – porous tip (wood), 3 – extender handle holder, 4 – blue copper saturated solution, 5 – porous tip stopper, 6 – extender handle, 7 – red copper contact core, 8 – conductor – cable outlet

Fig. 1 – Portable Copper-Sulphate Non-Polarizable Reference Electrode


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