High Silicon Iron Anode


Operation in cathodic protection systems of main gas and oil pipelines, underground and overground vessels with oil products, gas and water, underground cables, pile structures, casing, wells, operating grounding of power lines and other metal structures in contact with ground and water, regardless of the specific resistance of the medium.


No.Parameter nameValue
1 Max. current load, A 5,0
2 Anode dissolution rate, kg/A*year, max 0,3
3 Electrode overall dimensions, mm:
- diameter
- length (height)

60 ± 5
4 Overall dimensions of the packed electrode, mm, max
- diameter
- length (height)

5 Cable outlet brand H07RN-F 1x10 mm2
6 Cable outlet length, m, max 3,0
7 Main cable brand H07RN-F 1x35 mm2
8 Electrode weight, kg, max 30,0
9 Weight of one AZZhK-RA-U (with an anodic layer activator), kg, max 120,0
10 Standard distance between connection points to the mainline cable with anode beds installed vertically, m 5
11 Service life, years, min 30
12 Operation temperature, °С 0 to 60
13 Enclosure type for a deep-driven packed anode bed:
- standard design
- custom design

galvanized tube

Operation conditions

  • Ambient temperature, °С -60 to +40
  • Relative air humidity at t° = +25 °С, % max 98
  • Atmospheric pressure, kPa (mm Hg) 86.6-106.7 (650-850)


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