Current Loop Adapter


Telemetry Adapter is intended for operation as part of Telemechanics equipment with cathodic protection station to provide interface of the equipment with Telemechanics systems.

In the current loop mode the adapter provides connection with analogue interface “current loop 4…20 mА”.


The Adapter ensures power consumption meter pulse counting, status control of anti tamper sensor installed on the station housing, measurement and analog to digital conversion of parameters for the three analog inputs (voltage, current, potential), generation of output analogue control signal.

Inlets of analog signals, inlet of control circuit current loop, and alternating current voltage check circuit are equipped with filters that have time response value of appr. 0.5 sec, ensuring detection of signals mean value and suppression of interference with 50 and 100 Hz frequency.

At the adapter outlet, current loop signals with 4-20 mА standard are generated, galvanically isolated from the analog inputs of the station, as well as the galvanically isolated 4-20 mА current loop inlet (feed impedance 250 Ohm).

The Adapter ensures automatic activation of control mode relay “manual/remote” triggered by appearance of current in the control circuit.

The relay activation occurs automatically if the current value in the control circuit exceeds 3 mА. The relay is deactivated once the control current goes below 2 mА. Time delay in the relay control circuit is 3…5 sec.

In absence of control current at the inlet IN4-20.1 the optoisolator output OUT 01 is on. In presence of control current over 2 mA in the control circuit, optoisolator output OUT 01 is deactivated, the function can be used for remote activation /deactivation of the rectifier. Time delay in the optoisolator control circuit is 3…5 sec.

Feed impedance of channels 0…5V, minimum 20 kOhm
Feed impedance of channel 0…100V, minimum 60 kOhm
Basic percentage error, maximum 2 %

Power to the Adapter is supplied from 220V (+20% - 50%) alternating current mains. Power consumption less than 6 W.

The Adapter enables switching the lead accumulator to 12 V voltage. The accumulator operates in buffer mode. In the event of AC mains interruption, it ensures control of network parameters, communication line integrity, status control of anti tamper sensor installed on the station housing, and measurement of the adapter temperature. Power consumption in emergency mode does not exceed 3 W.

In the electric circuit powered from 220V AC mains, a 430V voltage-sensitive resistor and 1A fuse switch are installed.

Inlet for connection of the buffer accumulator is protected from polarity reversal by a series connected protective diode.

Inlet and outlet current loop circuits are protected by diodes excluding exposure to outside voltage, suppressors of 27 V voltage, voltage-sensitive resistors for 27 V voltage and polyfuses.

Temperature measurement range is from minus 55ºС to plus 125ºС.

Accumulator voltage measurement range is 0…25.5 V

Range of operating temperatures is from minus 45 ºС to plus 55ºС.

Permissible air humidity is 98% at 25 ºС.

Device overall dimensions are 220 х 190 х 55 mm.

Maximum weight is 2 kg.


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