Chemical Cell


Transformation of chemical energy of active substances it contains into electric power by way of electrochemical reactions, with following purposes:

  • — maintenance of protective potential at the metal structure (pipe) in order to prevent corrosion;
  • — feeding other articles in the combined corrosion protection and telemechanics circuit.

The structure is installed in soil with conductor outlet to the test station, cover or integrated control station.

The articles maintain their parameters at operating temperatures from 0°С to 45°С, if installed in soil below freezing point.


Sr. No.Parameter descriptionValue
1 Chemical cell open circuit voltage, V 2.20±0.20
2 Chemical cell maximum acceptable short-circuit current, maximum, mA 200
3 Chemical cell current density, А/m2 2.00-10.00
4 Chemical cell average short-circuit current value, mA 50±10
5 Chemical cell voltage initial value at 600 Ohm load, V, minimum 1.80±0.20
6 Chemical cell open circuit voltage end value, V 0.86±0.04
7 Chemical cell power supply source capacity, maximum, А×h 312
8 Chemical cell weight, maximum, kg
- 1 item
- unit of 4 items
- unit of 6 items

9 Cable outlet length, m 3.0
Note: Cable outlet length can be increased depending on the Customer’s requirement.

Weight with electrolyte maximum 3 kg

Fig. 1 – General view and overall dimensions


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