Measurement complex of telemetry system


Telemetry autonomous measurement system is intended for measurement of protective potential (total and polarization potential), corrosion rate of underground metal structures with further transmission of this data via GSM channel to the control station. The system is intended for long-term autonomous operation, does not require external power sources and operates in combination with hardware and software package “System monitoring program” or other customized programs.

The system includes:

  • - autonomous power system consisting of two chemical power sources and ultracapacitors;
  • - telemetry unit with GSM module placed in a metal cabinet and attached to the test station stand
  • - copper-sulfate reference electrode
  • - wire indicator unit


No.Parameter descriptionValues
1 Autonomous power supply voltage, V 3 ÷ 5
2 Consumption of current in hibernation mode, mА, maximum 15
3 Consumption of current in rated mode, mА, maximum 250
4 Short-term peak currents, А, maximum 2
5 Basic percentage error, %, maximum 2
6 Telemetry unit Ingress protection rating (GOST 14254-96) IP64
7 Telemetry unit weight with GSM module and ultracapacitors in the cabinet, kg, maximum 9
8 Overall dimensions of the cabinet, mm 550х200х220
9 Service life, years, minimum 3


Connection with GSM


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