RS-485 Adapter


The Adapter is intended for operation in package with the cathodic protection station in order to enable its parameters monitoring, unauthorized access control and the station’s corresponding output parameters control. Station monitoring is performed by means of adapter data exchange with control center via GSM/GPRS network. The exchange is based on calls, text messages and batch data transmission via Internet.

The Adapter may be supplied both as a component of new cathodic protection stations and separately for mounting on existing stations comprising RS-485 interface based control unit.


The adapter comprises a controller and a modem connected with a 10-wire flat cable. The modem performs connection of the controller to GSM/GPRS network. The cathodic protection station is connected directly to the controller via RS485 interface.

The Adapter ensures data exchange with the cathodic protection station, data exchange with a multi-rate meter via RS485 interface, and data exchange with the control center via GSM/GPRS network.

Communication interface with the station:

  • Type: RS485
  • Exchange parameters: 9600-8-N-1
  • Communications protocol: Modbus RTU.

Modem М-01:

  • Wireless communication interface: GSM/GPRS
  • Frequency range: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Antenna: external with SMA-M inlet

Power to the Adapter is supplied from 220V±20% alternating current mains. Power consumption less than 6 W.

In the electric circuit powered from 220V AC mains, a 430V voltage-sensitive resistor and 1A fuse switch are installed.

Operating temperature range -35 ºС… 55 ºС.

Appearance and overall dimensions are shown in Figure 1.

Key technical parameters of the adapter are specified in Table 1.

Installation and operation of the units shall be performed in accordance with the data sheet and operation manual.

Sr. NoParameter descriptionParameter value
1 Mains supply voltage, V 110 ÷ 264
2 Mains supply rated frequency, Hz 50 ± 3
3 Power consumption, maximum, W 6
4 Adapter weight, kg, maximum 1
5 Adapter casing overall dimensions, mm 190х140х60
6 External operating temperature range, ºС -35…55
7 Permissible air humidity, % (25 ºС) 98
8 Ingress protection degree IP34
9 Electric Shock Hazard protection degree Class 0

Fig. 1 – Adapter appearance and overall dimensions


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