Monitoring program serves for establishment of remote control and regulation of pipeline cathodic protection stations, data collection from a package of measuring sensors, management of transducer actuation devices, agile tuning of the system by way of remotely changing the hardware system software settings.

Subject to control:

  • potential at a pipe;
  • output current and voltage parameters of CP stations;
  • pipeline protection potential;
  • electric meter and accumulated hour meter data;
  • CP cabinet door opening sensor and others.

The program purpose is control over the state of CP stations by the dispatching unit of a company and immediate response to emergencies by way of regulation of CP station parameters or arranging a field visit of a maintenance team.

The program solves the following tasks:

  • in-process control of the main (potential, voltage and current) and additional (operating mode, security alarm, etc.) analogue and discrete parameters of ECP station;
  • remote control of cathodic protection system;
  • CP station systems equipment diagnostics.


1 Number of ECP facilities in the system unlimited
Number of sensor in one facility
2 Current metering sensors up to 1 sensor
3 Potential metering sensors up to 1 sensor
4 Protection potential metering sensors up to 1 sensor
5 Electric meter parameters sensor up to 1 sensor
6 Security sensors in case of parallel operation - unlimited
7 Maximum scanning speed up to 2 ECP stations per second
8 Emergency message transmission speed up to 4 seconds
9 Volume of facility data stored in the dispatching center limited by PC hardware performance
10 Types of communication channels RS-485 GSM GPRS Satellite


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